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This is a cool bottle of wine that I have often gone in search of. This is a second label from the folks at Miner.
This is a Meritage style wine. 36%Cabernet Franc, 17%Cabernet, 17%Merlot, 2%Malbec, 1%Sangiovese.

Nice dark blackberry comes at you first, nose and on the palate. Lots of good darker fruit in a bowl. Mixed berry its great. Not a heavy tannin wine, its soft on the palate. For me this wine is about the nice fruits that roll around in the mouth as you drink it. Great afternoon wine, sitting with friends in the afternoon, making your way off a white. Great to drink while grilling!

This is a second label from Miner, produced using Napa fruit including Oakville, hence the great fruit. Its also only $25 give or take a few bucks. I try to keep this around, if I can. I think you can get a couple years out of it, but it drinks so well young I wouldnt. The fruit will hold up, but the tannins are not there for the long haul. Buy it Drink it!