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Check this out, $12 cabernet! Woo Hoo! I like this price and enjoyed this bottle of wine. I know what your thinking a $12 bottle, it has to be green tasting, pale red, listless. Its not actually. It says Napa, and assume mostly from Alexander Valley area.

It has a great dark ruby red color! OK full points on the look. The aroma is a soft sort of plum and black cherry aroma, leaning more to the plum for me. The tannins are light and a bit tart. The fruit is not big and its also a bit plum like with a bit of berry, I would have liked to have more fruit. There is also a spice to it that is actually quite nice. The finish of this wine is ok, but does not linger.This is one of those wines you can pull out at a party, a case is only like $140.

Your wine snobs will not be thrilled by this. However, your everyday wine drinker will not be offended and your occasional wine drinking friends will be happy with the choice. While this may only score in the mid 80s lets say, its still quite drinkable and one to consider when hosting a dinner party or you just want a simple daily drinker.