Link to video here
Chapin is in the Temecula valley about an hour north of San Diego. For those outside Southern California you may not be familiar with it. 

Chapin is a small family owned winery, making the Syrah from Temecula grown grapes. The nose on the wine has a bit of spice and delicate fruit aromas. While the taste hade a cranberry and blueberry note to it. Some spice as well, Not too much but maybe for some. 
The color was sort of a cross between a ruby and garnet, medium color with light edges in the glass. It end with swoosh of spice on the upper palate and drinks real well out of the bottle.

I do suggest putting some air in it, decant or airate it. I went back now about an hour and its drinking nice Its $26 and might be something different for you and your crew.