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This is a stately Merlot, nice big, deep, ripe, dark fruits. The nose starts of with a berry, lets say strawberry with a hint of dark chocolate. There is still that slight cherry nose behind it as well.

The first wash over the palate reveals those nice dark ripe fruits, fills the mouth well with flavors of berrys and then the minerals wash in and the long smooth tannins hang nicely to the palate.

This wine may fool some, the fruit says Merlot real quick, but as you drink it, its bolder and really well structured and comes of to a few as a Cabernet. I think the tannins at the end fooled a few.

Its a $50 Merlot, its drinks great I totally liked drinking this Merlot. May be a bit stiff in price, considering the quality of great Merlot available in the area. Here is where I rating is tough, it rates high in flavor, style and structure. If this was $38 it would be a home run.