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Hey check this out, Sort Out This Cellars, from this point on STOC. Has produced a pretty cool set of labels for their wines. Featuring pin up style art, the look of old Las Vegas, that kind of thing. Typically I don't like wines, or I stray away from wines with cute labels. Usually, not in all cases, the label can be better than the wine. This being only my first taste I will not judge the others,but I did like this one!

Like the label and the winery, this is not typical Zinfandel. You won't hear, deep dark fruit, Jammy or intense or alcohol at 17% or something crazy like that. This was brightly colored lighter garnet, swirl it in the glass and it hung beautifully to the glass. Nose was soft, not intense. its 13.5% alcohol. The fruit was cherry, dark but subtle not jammy. The tannin was nice, not huge or overwhelming. This was almost elegant and it was a Zin. Crazy! I know what you are thinking, its not exuding all those over the top flavors, or nose we are supposed to like in Zins. I know, and I like it.

When I think of Zin, two favs come to mind Cosentino The Zin and Biale Black Chicken. Spicy to Fruity jammy to well balanced etc. also $20 to $40plus. Big difference in these three Zins.

I would like to see this closer to the mid $20 range, there are a lot of great Zins out there at this price point and lower. But this is something a bit different. I do recommend this wine. If you have a white wine drinker in the house, pour this, they will love its smooth taste. Having a nice afternoon beach picnic, sitting on the patio just hanging out with friends this will be something you will talk about.