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How cool it was to drink this alongside the Bridesmaid. With Pam Starr involved in both, so many saying that the less expensive Bridesmaid was as good. OK, the Bridesmaid is real good. But this is Amazing!

The color is a deep dark purple and ruby color. Perfect. The nose is a beautiful blackberry, a floral hint in the background, just wonderful. When you swirl it, the color and nose just really rings out and you cant wait to get to you mouth. It has this cool, smooth blackberry flavor, the fruit is so well balanced in the glass, it opens up after each glass it got better.

As great as the fruit is, the finish is the key. Its long, deep, dense, mouth covering, perfect tannins even now at its young age, maybe a tinge of minerals. I know I am gushing, but this was just one of those treats. Three of us split a bottle, then another. We couldn't help ourselves.

Yep, its $89. If you ready for a treat and want to spend a little extra on a wine that is getting 93-95 points from more famous wine reviewers, try it.