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How about this, small productions wines at a reasonable price, that are enjoyable to drink. James David Cellars Syrah.

I was fortunate enough to receive two bottles of 2005 Syrah from James David Cellars. The first is the Central Coast Syrah priced at $21. 350 cases. This was bottled in May of 2009 so perhaps needed to settle in the bottle a bit. I nly say that as there was a hint of green, that disapated with time open. Its a deep dark red, with a slight cherry aroma on the nose. The first taste I got a berry from cherry to boysenberry and just a hint of green apple on the finish. Not a heavy long lasting tannin on the finish, just an easy to drink wine. The balance on the fruit against the acid was great. Making for nice drinking wine. I would let this sit for a while, see what characters come out of the fruit.

The 2005 Eagle Point Ranch Mendocino at $24 120 cases. is also priced great. Much like the first, but the next step forward. Good dark color, the nose pops a bit more with a moss and spice, The fruit is bigger and darker more blackberry. and the tannin on the finish last longer and is more present.

Either bottle would make a great addition to your summer ending events with friends!