It was a nice afternoon on the patio when the Larkmead Sauvignon Blanc came out. A nice looking wine with a bright clean pale yellow color.

The 2006 was opened first, I am a club member and I am not sure this was allocated outside the winery or club. As expected we got that crisp clean feel, citrus, maybe a little grape fruit on the palate. We all enjoyed drinking it. It also had this earthy tone, minerals, almost woody as someone described it. A really neat tasting wine.

The 2007 came next, with the first taste we all agreed this was better. The color was more golden and bright, the ripe melons and grape fruit on the nose were clean and pleasant. The fresh citrus flavor are just right, the alcohol while at 14.7% is well tamed. The fruits linger nicely and were a prefect fit for the afternoon on the patio with neighbors.

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