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My buddy showed up with this tonight, a wine I have really liked in the past.

All right this is a wine I bought about a year ago maybe a bit longer for the same price about $25. It was drinking really great back then and I think was a real steal. The fruit was still present and it held up like a big boy Napa Cab. I think 2003 was just thought of as a bad year on average and it got caught in the mix. Sure 2004 and 2005 were really good,but this also was a great drink. Some were asking $60.

OK, so cut to the chase about a year ago it popped and now it surfaced again. I bring it up since I was not reviewing wine like this back then and I think it still merits some time. This is at $25 a pretty good Cabernet, with a nice name. Nickel & Nickel make at single vineyard Match cab and it comes from these guys. No, its not their Spring Mountain stuff.

The nose is soft, nice dark fruit but soft. It has a dark fruit flavor, but again soft.The tannins on the back side are real nice and the earth tones are real old school pre-2000 style. I do enjoy the ease of drinking this wine brings, right now.

I know it's not a huge great gun review, but I do like it. Its an easy drink not a fruit bomb. Easy with almost any food and if under $30 is good for you this is going to be great.Not going to find it a lot of places so you and your buddies are not all going to bring the same bottle to the same party. I would look for it. That being said, don't hang on to it sic months to a year and I think it might be over for this one.

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