2002 Clancys

This is a Shiraz, Cab, Merlot and Cab Franc blend.

This bottle was looking at me for a long time, not sure why I kept passing it up. Lets just say blueberry, blackberry come the closest. I wouldnt at this point decant at all.

We really liked this easy to drink shiraz, maybe are expectations were low. Either way it was enjoyed. Not going to put a rating on it, probably hard to find now. But dont let bottles go to waste wating on the perfect moment to open. We got lucky on this one, so dig around and pull out that bottle you saved.  Cheers

2009 Sea Smoke Gratis Chardonnay


This has been a suprise! Came in the mail as a former club member. Why was I a member, Pinot of course. But wow is this an incredible Chard. Love the color nice medium yellow, great nose, not overly oaky at all. Just right. The acidity is low, the fruit is great. I have to say we loved drinking this wine.


OK, Sea Smoke known for Pinot. This Chard is a home run. The sad part is, its not for sale. Nope. Hence the name Gratis, so... Get a membership, go to Sea Smoke and search this one out.

On my scale of of gotta own and love to drink, a full 9 out of 10 here.

Crocker & Starr 2005 cabernet $89 Awesome

July 17, 2009
Video Link

How cool it was to drink this alongside the Bridesmaid. With Pam Starr involved in both, so many saying that the less expensive Bridesmaid was as good. OK, the Bridesmaid is real good. But this is Amazing!

The color is a deep dark purple and ruby color. Perfect. The nose is a beautiful blackberry, a floral hint in the background, just wonderful. When you swirl it, the color and nose just really rings out and you cant wait to get to you mouth. It has this cool, smooth blackberry flavor, the fruit is so well balanced in the glass, it opens up after each glass it got better.

As great as the fruit is, the finish is the key. Its long, deep, dense, mouth covering, perfect tannins even now at its young age, maybe a tinge of minerals. I know I am gushing, but this was just one of those treats. Three of us split a bottle, then another. We couldn't help ourselves.

Yep, its $89. If you ready for a treat and want to spend a little extra on a wine that is getting 93-95 points from more famous wine reviewers, try it.

Bridesmaid 2005 Red Wine $39 a big Napa Cabernet

July 14, 2009

Here is a true California red wine. The Bridesmaid. This is a blend of wines from Pam Starr and Drew Neiman. Both these winemakers have wine selling near $100 a bottle ( Neiman Cellars, Kongsgaard, Spottswood, Crocker & Starr ) This is a Cabernet, Merlot, Cab Franc Big stuff here.

Dark Dark Dark color, juicy berry nose, bit of oak. It looks and smells wonderful. The taste is a rich deep dark juicy fruit, licorice and black cherry cola, chocolate. Oak and toast come out of the Napa monster of a wine. The long lasting tannins on this wine are great. All your friends who say they like big, fruity, tannic, Napa Cabs, this is the wine. The price is right on and man is it good.

Bought a couple and they are already gone, this is one of those bottles you have to share.

2006 Castle Rock Napa Cabernet $12

July 9, 2009
Video Link Here

Check this out, $12 cabernet! Woo Hoo! I like this price and enjoyed this bottle of wine. I know what your thinking a $12 bottle, it has to be green tasting, pale red, listless. Its not actually. It says Napa, and assume mostly from Alexander Valley area.

It has a great dark ruby red color! OK full points on the look. The aroma is a soft sort of plum and black cherry aroma, leaning more to the plum for me. The tannins are light and a bit tart. The fruit is not big and its also a bit plum like with a bit of berry, I would have liked to have more fruit. There is also a spice to it that is actually quite nice. The finish of this wine is ok, but does not linger.This is one of those wines you can pull out at a party, a case is only like $140.

Your wine snobs will not be thrilled by this. However, your everyday wine drinker will not be offended and your occasional wine drinking friends will be happy with the choice. While this may only score in the mid 80s lets say, its still quite drinkable and one to consider when hosting a dinner party or you just want a simple daily drinker. 

2006 Elizabeth Spencer Sonoma Coast Syrah $35 89pts

June 28, 2009

Video Link Here
This wine has a nice deep color, more purple than garnet. The edges are not, purple but a little more reddish. The wine really hangs to the glass when you swirl it around, its nice to look at. The nose is blackberry, smoke, some spice pepper. In the mouth you get the fruit, the blackberry, maybe a little tartness like a cranberry. The smokey nose, becomes a toasty flavor that sits well on the palate.

This was a nice wine to drink, have not had a lot of Elizabeth Spencer wines, but after the last trip up there we had a good time at the winery and enjoyed these unique wines. At $35 there is a lot to look at in Syrah, but its unique and not everyone will have this in their cellar.

Pina 2006 Yountville Cabernet Wolff Vineyard

June 21, 2009
Video Link here
Those who know me, know I am a big fan of Pina wines. I am drinking this Wolff Vineyard cabernet, one of many that they make at Pina. Only cabs, 100% no blending ALL CAB.

The color is nice, dark garnet as expected. The nose is light, fruits of black berry, plums and light spice. The first sip is nice, easy to take. Not big fruity cab. It drinks
smooth with a mild fruit, more plum than black berry but its there and oak, a little light toast and lighter spice. The finish is a light tannin, but lasts. While writing this,
I wanted to say that it should be bigger. However it’s lasting well on the palate, up front on under the lip.

I just ran it through the Vinturi for some air, after being open two hours now. There is my fruit still a nice plumb more of the black berry, a little juicy now and the tannins I
have been waiting on. I smile just came out and now I am drinking a Pina cabernet.  What does this tell us, some wines need air, decanting, however you want to do it. 2006 for a
vineyard like Pina is young, needing time. All said and done it’s a solid 89 wine. Without the big big fruits, I am thinking a few years will be OK.

2005 Girard Cabernet Pritchard Hill 97 points on the WCW scale!

June 19, 2009

Video Link Here

This was the surprise juice of the trip. I did not expect to stop in at Girard, but on our way out of Yountville we saw this little place. Thought, I know the name. My wife likes their whites lets stop in.

The Girard Pritchard Hill Cabernet was off the hook! Deep dark purple, the berries are black...blackberry, raspberry, little blueberry and a slight oak. It's beautiful in the glass, but get it in your mouth and it coats it like a glove. Its soft, smooth, hangs around for what seems like ever. I just can not gush enough about this wine. It does nothing wrong and everything right!

OK, its like $75 a crack. No easy shot in the arm. Not sure you can get it everywhere they didnt make a ton 250 cases. Less since I left! BUT, I think you can hang on to this one for a while I guess in 5 to 10 years, maybe longer. I am not waiting that long. Jump

2007 Sort This Out Cellars Zin City Rollers Reserve $34

June 9, 2009
Video Link Here

Hey check this out, Sort Out This Cellars, from this point on STOC. Has produced a pretty cool set of labels for their wines. Featuring pin up style art, the look of old Las Vegas, that kind of thing. Typically I don't like wines, or I stray away from wines with cute labels. Usually, not in all cases, the label can be better than the wine. This being only my first taste I will not judge the others,but I did like this one!

Like the label and the winery, this is not typical Zinfandel. You won't hear, deep dark fruit, Jammy or intense or alcohol at 17% or something crazy like that. This was brightly colored lighter garnet, swirl it in the glass and it hung beautifully to the glass. Nose was soft, not intense. its 13.5% alcohol. The fruit was cherry, dark but subtle not jammy. The tannin was nice, not huge or overwhelming. This was almost elegant and it was a Zin. Crazy! I know what you are thinking, its not exuding all those over the top flavors, or nose we are supposed to like in Zins. I know, and I like it.

When I think of Zin, two favs come to mind Cosentino The Zin and Biale Black Chicken. Spicy to Fruity jammy to well balanced etc. also $20 to $40plus. Big difference in these three Zins.

I would like to see this closer to the mid $20 range, there are a lot of great Zins out there at this price point and lower. But this is something a bit different. I do recommend this wine. If you have a white wine drinker in the house, pour this, they will love its smooth taste. Having a nice afternoon beach picnic, sitting on the patio just hanging out with friends this will be something you will talk about.

West Coast Wino

Jeff New and improved site should be coming soon. Its been a while I know! But the real job, you know the one that pays the bills and will get our daughter through college.... OK the summer is here and I am looking at nice warm weather wines. Typically you are expecting big reds, I know. Look for some crisp white wines like Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc, and Cosenting Pinot Grigio to appear soon! Today I am heading over to Caruth Winery in Solana Beach Ca. Looking forward to some good stuff Cheers, Jeff

Carruth Cellars 

2006 Girard Atlas Peak 

 2006 DuMOL Russian River Pinot

2005 James David Cellars Syrahs

Crocker & Starr 2005 Cabernet

2005 Bridesmaid Red $39

2006 Castle Rock Cabernet $12

2006 Elizabeth Spencer Syrah

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