OK, I just received my 2006 Pina Cabernets!. If you are not familiar with this winery try and find them your next trip up. Just off the “Trail” not hard to find at all.  They started out 40 plus years ago in the vinyard management business. Tending to some of Napas best.Now producing big dense cabernets.

First is the Howell Mountain Buckeye Cab and the second is the Napa Valley D’Adamo both 100% Cabernet.

This is a neat little location with a small area for tasting, if your lucky like we were the first time up you might sneak a barrel taste.

Expect to pay for these beauties $75 to $85 maybe less at a retailer, a little.

Reviews will come after they sit in the cellar for a few days,  I can not wait!