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First I want to thank Ted Henry for letting me sample this bottle. 150 cases made of the Napa gem. Tried the video in the kitchen rather than the office, not sure. Took a lot of notes when tasting, lot going on in this bottle.

The first thing that got to me was the nose, it has these nice dark berries, dark cherries and a spice. Now this is a 13.6% alcohol, not typical these days with the big fruit bombs of alcohol that we have gotten used to.

When you swirl it you can see it hang nice to the glass, the color is a bright to dark garnet with great ruby edges. Put it to you mouth and the fruit comes out. Not a bomb, but good dark cherry, blackberry, plumbs. The the earthy flavor rides in your mouth and it lingers great on the palate.

Balance, I must have said balance 100 times while tasting this. My buddy Polo tasted it with me and he guessed the price to be in the $50 plus range and up. For $36 this is a wonderfully balanced, great tasting wine. I hate to gush, but it reminds me of older school Napa wines and I miss that.