Woo Hoo, here we go. From this point forward expect a bit of a rating scale. I am using a modified version of the scale developed at UC Davis. I know what your thinking, how can improve on what some professors came up with. Well drinking wine is not science. Making it wine is not totally all science. So there needs to be room for those intangibles.

Below is the result of my scale when you see a number from 1 to 20, here is what I am saying

1-5  Just plain undrinkable, real crap
6-8  Maybe a box wine
9-12 Good enough to bottle but with noticeable issues (daily drinker or end of the night bottle)
13-16 Wine that is good no issues all points are hit (share with friends and not worry about price, generally)
17-20 Must be an outstanding representative of the varietal (or I just love it!)

Its not perfect, just a refrence. So wineries dont go off on me if I give you a low score. Generally if I rate it at all in means I liked it at some level.