OK OK, I know its been a while since the last update. I need to make a living you know. But this is something you need try.

So, I received two bottles of wine gratis from Walker Family Vinyards. Both wines are 2008 from the Santa Barbara area of Santa Maria. Those of you who know me, know I don't post a review if I don't l like it. I like this wine, both are easy to drink, and represent the varietal well.

The Chardonnay had a beautiful golden color, bright  and lively. When I took out of the cooler it was a bit too cold. It was nice to drink but just too cold. After the glass warmed a bit the flavors really came around. The predominate flavor noticed here was of vanilla. It was really a nice treat with the cheese and crackers we had. Using a new scale out of 20 I gave this a 14. Here is a bit on the scale
The Pinot Noir was better than expected and a true joy to drink. The nose was light, fruits and a smidge of earth tones. The color was a medium redish color. The flavor of strawberry comes to mind most, making for a soft fruit and nose. It opened up well from the bottle and contiued to drink fine through out. This is definitely a great region for pinot noir and Walker produced a nice one. This wine on the new scale hit 16 on the scale. Not quite outstanding, but will be in on the menu in nicer restaurants and be a great pick at dinner with friends. Its in the mid $30 range and one I will keep in the house.