Head to my Napa page for some reviews of wineries we went to on the last trip 

Cosentino, Biale, Provenance, Jarvis, Prime Cellars, The Napa Wine Co., Sawyer, Elizabeth Spencer, Larkmeade, Rombaur, Pina, W.M. Harrison, Chateau Boswell, Hope & Grace, Girard. In that order!

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Posted by Jeff Harig on Thursday, May 7, 2009,

OK, I just received my 2006 Pina Cabernets!. If you are not familiar with this winery try and find them your next trip up. Just off the “Trail” not hard to find at all.  They started out 40 plus years ago in the vinyard management business. Tending to some of Napas best.Now producing big dense cabernets.

First is the Howell Mountain Buckeye Cab and the second is the Napa Valley D’Adamo both 100% Cabernet.

This is a neat little location with a small area for tasting, if your lucky like ...

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Cosentino Winery Napa Ca

Posted by Jeff Harig on Thursday, May 7, 2009,


OK, the WCW and his wife love this place! The staff is just awesome. The array of wine that Cosentino makes is amazing. And if you are in the club you will love it. Sometimes “Whacky” But you are not going to get the same old two cabs or a cab and a white. They are going to mix it up on you, give you something to look forward to!

Now going to the winery is a great place to start a Napa trip They are on the 29 just north of Yountville. Start there, and work your way north. Right next door...

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Wilson Creek, Temecula CA - Good Fun

Posted by Jeff Harig on Thursday, May 7, 2009,


We went with about 30 people on a limo bus this weekend and had a great time, good people. Try their famous Almond champagne and the Chocolate Port.

They have a large tasting area in front and in the back with the barrels. Sure its Temecula, Ca. But its a lot of fun and they do produce a variety of really good wine.

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Cougar Winery, Temecula CA-

Posted by Jeff Harig on Thursday, May 7, 2009,

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