Here it is guys the latest trip to Napa was awesome!!

We went to a couple old favorites and to a few new places that were really a surprise. I will update the winery section with some details about each new place we went to. But I wanted to get this up right now.

Our first stop, as always was Cosentino, my wife and I were solo on Friday so we took our time. We ran into an old friend while there and had a great time.They are pulling out some library wines right now, so be sure to check them out. Bob behind the bar really took care of us. We were yapping about Biale, and Mark Biale happens to work at Cosentino, some quuick directions and we headed to Biale.

Biale, while one of my all time favorite Zins, I had never been. It's a great little place with some fantastic juice. Famous for the Black Chicken. Black Chicken was the code word for wine during prohibition. They were great to us, had a great taste met Mr. Biale himself. Check this out, they make a Sauvignon Blanc now! Yep the Zin Masters make a white wine!

We headed slightly north again to Provenance, a little willy nilly I know but we have plans for later. My wife really likes the whites here and you really can not go wrong at Provenance. Angela took us through the wine tasting it whites and cabs comparing the different years. Provenance right on 29 is stop you should make if you have not been. We hit the Oakville grocery for a sandwhich, be prepared to wait in line. But the food is awesome good.

The coup de gras of the trip was a visit to Jarvis. We were asked by wine maker Ted Henry to come over after hours take a tour and try some wine out. How do I know Ted Henry, I am the West Coast Wino! No really I tried his own private lable Prime Cellars, you can read my reviews over in the wine section. I digress, Jarvis is crazy! its built into the mountain and all you see is two huge concrete doors and the word Jarvis. The cave is massive with underground rivers and ponds running through it, a ballroom the size of a basketball stadium, yse stadium not court. Unreal. We sat down with our friend Ted and enjoyed some great Jarvis wines, I know you can set up a tour there but limited, you should!

We headed back to the Napa Valley Marriott who had us in a great garden view room. This is one of the best placves to stay as you can go north on 29 to Calistoga back down the Silverado Trail and over to the Marriott. Makes for a great day. Snacks and breakfast in the concierge room, ask about it. Pleasant staff will take care of you.

Last stop, dinner. Rutherford Grill. Casual dinning if you like Shorts, flip flops etc. or go in dressed up, many do. The food is great. Smoked salmon seems to be a huge hit, I had steak and enchiladas yep. Sound different but fantastic. Bring a bottle and enjoy not getting "popped" on the corkage. We took in a great bottle of Prime Cellars Cabernet, so elegant and old school it was perfect with dinner!

Just an overview, details are coming on each place and select wines. This was only Friday! The video is a bit from all three days...

Napa Trip 2006 Saturday

Saturday we hooked up with some friends. We all decided this was a limo day!

First stop on our tour was Cult Wine Central. The Napa Wine Company. Many great cult wines are made at their facilities. Pahlmeyer, Showket, Black Bird, Eponymous, Bridesmaid, Fife, Hoopes, and many more. Great stop to make.
They have a couple of different flights to try or share, this makes for a lot of fun with friends. Adastra and Volker Eisele were a couple of my favorites at this stop.

Next was Sawyer, a neat little place just up the road. We have two great servers that day all estate grown fruit from a Sauvignon Blanc to a fabulous 2005 Cabernet.

Next stop was Elizabeth Spencer. What a great stop, nice patio and out door room, you can see it on the video. We sat had cheese and crackers.  Jaylene took great care to our needs as we all bulked up on some great wine. The tasting room is small but the out door area is fabulous.

, the first winery on the tour today that I have been too. On of the oldest wineries in the valley and simply a beautiful view and facility. Collin was a great host and took amazing good care of us. Appointment only here, never a crowd you really get to enjoy your wine. Learn a lot about Larkmeade there is lot to learn about them. White and reds are great. Most of had been here before and we will all return, I am certain.

We got a bit off of our tour and it cost us some later, we hit Rombauer Winery. Probably most well known for their Chardonnay. But had a great Reserve Merlot they let try. Lots of folks go the this winery, lots. A fantastic wooded view here beautiful area.

Pina, one of my favorite little gems in the valley. I had been and the others in the group had not. CABS ONLY! all single vinyard, no blending of any kind here. 100% Cabernet. We know, my buddy asked like a 100 times. Not a lot to see here. Walk in barrels on the right, a small table in front of you and a killer tasting of wine! A quick stop for great cabernets.

We then hit W.M. Harrison on our way to the next appointment. I had been before and the others had not. Beautiful patio out front overlooking the vineyard. The facility is an old western like look its really nice. The people there were great to our crowd and we all enjoyed this visit. What a grea place to sit in the afternoon!

Chateau Boswell, we were eagerly awaiting this stop. But alas we were late from going to Rombauer and had to come later. We did. We met with Josh, he is the man there. There is ia beautiful wine cave about 60 feet below ground where we tasted some incredible wines. The Jacquelin was amazing, named after his wife this was for me the star here. For sure appointment is needed and stick to it.

We headed back to the hotel where we stayed at the Villagio that night our suite was amazing. We tried to ralley the team for dinner at Press in St. Helena and only 4 of us made it. Great food, great staff, the steak tartar is why I go here!!

Napa trip 2006 Sunday

Sunday started out with a bang. We work up in Yountville and hit a couple wineries, The first was Hope & Grace right there in town. A nice little shop in town where you can taste their wine. Tiffany was pouring us wine and it was a nice way to move into the rest of the day.

A short jaunt down the road we went into Girard. All I can say is this is the JUICE! This along with Elizabeth Spencer were the two big surprises for me. Not that some of the others were not great, just did not expect this. I will do a full right up on the wines late. But is sort of a Modern Cowboy theme. In town still so easy to get to. The staff was great, pouring Diamond Mountain and Pritchard Hill juice you just can not go wrong

My buddy can not leave town with going to Bistro Jeanty, not bad. A casual experience of pure heaven, what a lunch. We ate Foie Gras, rabbit, bone marrow! (not for everyone) escargot, steak tartar, lentil soups and more. it when on and on! What a finish to a cool trip in Napa