Wine Sellar - San Diego Ca

May 7, 2009


The Wine Sellar is also known as the Wine Sellar & Brasserie.

First the store. It has an incredible selection of fine wines from around the world. Excellent French, German and Italian wines and of course the great California wines.

I find the selection of Pinot Noir to be one of the best. Great French Burgundy to the beautiful Russian River. Of course Oregon as well, but I lean to the Russian River for my Pinot fix.

Wednesday and Saturday is when the have their regular wine tasting events. Very casual atmosphere taste whats on the list walk around and meet the staff.You will find them all very helpful and can make difficult decisions easy.

The restaurant is rated among San Diegos best. While it is located in a business park not typical of a restaurant of this caliber. You will find the food to be fantastic, of course a great wine selection as well. Allways rated highly in the Spctator.


Carlsbad Wine Merchants, Carlsbad Ca.

May 7, 2009


This is a great local shop in Carlsbad, with two sides. Store front and tasting room. The store front has a nice selection of wines for all budgets. Its well layed out and easy to find what you are after.

The other side of the shop is a wine bar. With many by the glass choices and some fantastic beers and espresso.  Great cheese boards are available in a variety of sizes.

The feature a couple of wine clubs, where members can come in and taste as many as 18 wines and choose two. This typicall...

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North County Wine Co. San Marcos Ca

May 7, 2009


This is a nice shop easily found in San Marcos, Ca.

They feature one of the largest by the glass selections that you will ever see. Served at the bar or on the patio.

The have special days like ladies night on Thursdays, Jazz on Sundays.

The selection of wine is well planned and easily found. If you can not find what you are looking for the staff is always available for you.

The owner went out of his way to find me a case of wine I was looking for. Gave me the best price possible. This is gr...

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Wine Street Carlsbad,CA

May 7, 2009


One of the older shops in North County, located in La Costa.

When this shop opened it was the place to be. A great selection of wine and a great reserve room. Over time the people turned over and we seemed to loose the ones we liked. Other shops opened in the area.

Well there is a new owner, he has done a great job of getting his prices back to reality, his selection of wine is back to what it should be. He has totally re-built the inside.  It is now back on the list to stop in and shop.


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San Diego Wine Co. San Diego, Ca

May 7, 2009


This shop started out a little warehouse style shop with great values and some great selections.

They moved to a nicer location and I think lost a step. While still some great values, not the selection that I would like to see. The staff seems to let you walk around and not bother you.

This is one of those cases where they had a good thing and maybe tried to hard to make it better and lost what made them great.

If  you are on Miramar Rd. you need to give it a look.

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Hi Time Wine Cellar, Costa Mesa Ca

May 7, 2009


This is like Disney Land for wine lovers!

By far the largest selection on EVERYTHING in Southern California that I have seen. No matter what your flavor, varietal, country you name it they have it.

While it is larger than most, they still have an incredible staff here. Actually buyers for Cabernet, Pinot, Chardonnay etc. While shopping they ask if you have questions or if you are looking for something specific. If its not out, they may have it out back.

Typically the best prices around. A gr...

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